Parking Information/ Committee

Parking at Regency Square is monitored by Walk's Towing for the issued parking tags given to Unit Owners in appropriately assigned spaces. Each tag is valid for one fiscal year and is the Unit Owner's responsibility for supplying to their tenants. 

The resident permit must be
  • hung on the rearview mirror, or
  • displayed as a sticker cling on the front windshield
  • displayed as a sticker cling on the rear windshield. 
Visitor Parking: There is a 15 Minute (with hazards) Parkng Space to be used for unloading and loading at the front entrance. There is also a parking space (#21) to be used by Visitors on an hourly basis and with Association approval. 

Guest or Visitor parking in an individual owner’s stall must display the owner’s  permit  on  the rearview  mirror  or  a Visitor Permit on the vehicle dashboard. A Visitor Permit  may   be  obtained  from  the  owner  or   the Association Office; a Visitor Permit is date validated.

Parking Committee for Garden Fund
Members of the community have created a parking committee for unused spaces to be available to guests, family members or other owners on short-term basis. Donations for these spaces are made to the Garden Fund of Regency Square for upkeep and maintenance of surrounding garden areas. 

The following schedule indicates which Parking Committee member should be contacted should you need a visitor’s parking permit. The Committee contact information is as follows:

For 2021, please see below for the schedule of contacts:

       January: Mark Nagle
       February: Jeff Coyle
        March: Mark Nagle
        April: Jeff Coyle
        May: Mark Nagle
        June: Mark Nagle
        July: Jeff Coyle
        August: Jeff Coyle
        September: Mark Nagle
        October: Jeff Coyle
        November: Jeff Coyle
        December: Jeff Coyle